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Our hardware, software, and managed services help to save lives and improve the overall living quality in long term care facilities. We utilize the latest technology to provide real-time monitoring and analytics to help keep your residents and staff safer than ever before.

Who is Beacon Healthcare Solutions?

Beacon Healthcare Solutions was founded in 2020 with the purpose of providing exceptional Information Technology solutions which positively impacts and improves the quality of patient care. Specializing in the unique needs of long-term care and rural healthcare organizations.

Customized IT Services

Beacon Healthcare Solutions offers customized IT services. Whether it is advanced networking, security, or virtual support. Beacon can provide those services with top of the line customer service and products, along with server backup and monitoring to keep your data safe.

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New Technology for a New Era in Resident Care

Beacon Healthcare Solutions brings a new sense of safety and awareness for our seniors with a technology like none before it. It happens with the help of a small wearable device. A resident can have peace of mind, a family can have assurance that their loved one is taken care of, and staff can rest assured in the accuracy provided.

Tenera Platform

Making every senior living residence in the world a safer place.

Managed Solutions

Beacon Healthcare Solutions provides focused solutions which positively impacts and improves your business.

“Beacon Healthcare Solutions gives me trustworthy, dependable and quality service that I can count on. They are there any time of the day I need them.”

D. Austin | CIO, Arkansas Methodist Medical Center