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Our Professional Services

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Beacon Healthcare Solutions provides unparalleled engineering expertise, project management, a consulting network-with consults all over the US that have expert certifications, and 24 hour support. Our goal is to truly listen to our customers, and provide solutions for their priorities.

Our Professional Services Include

Consulting Network

Beacon Healthcare Solutions consultants specialize in delivering you a comprehensive IT technology and IT operations strategy. Our team comes together to provide you with sound solutions for your business growth.

Assessment Services

Beacon Healthcare Solutions realizes the constant need for infrastructure compliance and change to support the ever changing technology world. We provide our customers with an insightful recommendation for improving operations, as well as an analysis for future enhancements.

Implementation Services

Integrating new technologies with an existing system oftentimes proves to be very difficult. Your IT staff may be very capable; however, with many companies, IT departments are understaffed, lack experts in certain technologies, and have urgent timelines to meet. Beacon Healthcare Solutions is equipped with proven success. We work closely with your IT team, with a guided project management plan. We will be there from start to finish and give training to your staff to ensure the transition is a smooth one.